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Bee Wrangler LLC is the best place to come for Raw Honey, Honey Products, New Queens and Pollination Services.

About our Raw Honey

Our raw honey is unheated and lightly filtered. That is, our raw honey is only strained to remove any bits of honey comb wax, so it still contains the original pollen.


We are a small producer with hives located in and around Harris, MN in rural areas away from commercial property. Our apiary has been operated following organic apiary processes since inception. The raw honey is produced in organic practice and is handled to organic standards.


We depend on the bees for the rest

About our Products

All products are hand made using the bees wax and raw honey coming from our bees.  We used the finest ingredients in our lip balms, hand lotion, soaps, candles and specialty food items.

Pollination Services

We offer pollination services within 20 mile radius of Harris Minnesota.  We can bring the bees in to pollinate a certain crop or we can drop them off in the spring and pick them up in the fall for you to benefit for the season.  Apples, Plums, Apricots, Cranberries, Blackberries, Squash, Pumpkins etc…


Give us a call to increase your bounty for the season.

Queen Rearing and Nucs

We started breeding our own queens in 2010 to produce hygienic stock that can over winter in Minnesota.  We don’t use any chemicals in our hives to produce strong colonies that take care of themselves.  We select our queens for breeding from over wintered colonies that produce and excess of 100 lbs of raw honey a year.  All queens come marked with the standard color for that year.  You can purchase a queen or a five frame nuc.

Recent Updates

You can learn a lot about bees right here on our website Check out some of our latest blog posts.

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